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We welcome volunteers from the community, local youth, students and groups to get involved. Help us create a festival that everyone can be a part of and be proud of.

Development and delivery of DRdMF is actually a Community-powered project. This annual project aims to nurture local talent, provide volunteers and newbies opportunity to upskill, gain work experience, improve communication skills in a safe, fun and inclusive environment.

Come on board, and join in helping develop DRMF for our community, for Auckland. Newbies to volunteering, and emerging talent have opportunities to 'cut their teeth' and hone their skills. 


Thank you to the many volunteers who have joined this fun event in the past. 


If you missed out and would like to be part of this event in 2023 we love to have you join us.


It's never too early to volunteer for the 2023 Moon Festival!

Contact us on or call Crystal Pan on 021 0238 8676




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To apply and register your interest as a Stallholder for the 2023 moon festival, please click below,


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